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Our Methodology


To Continuously improve our processes to design and develop Quality, Bug Free IT Solution for our clients within Time Frame and within their Budget.

Managing The Software Project needs a well-defined Project Management Framework . We, at eWebZeal follow the top project management practice especially for our offshore software development process . Our state-of the art IT Project Management process is both interactive and open that allows clients to keep track of everything related to his projects including important documents, communication, financial data and critical login information using our web based CMS application.

For our outsourcing clients, we follow the Outsourcing Project Management Process that is transparent and efficient as well. Our effective IT Process management allows them to monitor the whole development process and note any unforeseen problems even from their own end.

Below is our Project Management Framework to give you an insight on our software development methodology.


Phase Description

Requirement Collection Phase

  • The buyer submits his requirement online
  • Through standard procedures like interviews and online discussion, our professionals clarify queries, outlining exact requirements and specifications including
  • Functional requirements
  • Operational constraints
  • Nature of changes that are likely to occur
  • Client’s list of specifications that may require future consideration
  • Any other requirements
  • They then prepare a technical specification document with the collected information

Requirement Analysis Phase

  • Client requirements are analyzed at eWebZeal and a detailed proposal is developed for the client’s consideration. The proposal includes
  • Project scope
  • Development and implementation environment
  • Project considerations
  • Project terms
  • Once the buyer accepts the proposal, the project moves into the next phase. At this stage the client is free to reject the proposal – NO OBLIGATIONS

Development Phase

  • The project team first prepares the Technical design document, which contains
  • Static prototype with user Interface
  • Flow diagrams
  • Project considerations (if any)
  • Future scope of the project (if any)
  • Development planning is now done with following considerations
  • Analyze the design to identify risk factor
  • Decide milestones and techniques
  • The buyer will be able to review progress through status reports and can give feedback at each stage to be incorporated in the design wherever required.
  • The test model is now hosted on our server with a temporary URL for the clients use. It’s debugged over the test period till the client is convinced of its efficacy

Deployment Phase

  • Once the system and acceptance testing is done, the software is implemented at the client’s end women viagra.